Tarot reading is a fast track into your own intuition, divinity and cosmic empowerment. I have 30 years experience with the Tarot. I have read for friends, family, strangers, celebrities and loyal clients. I am the author of  two books about Tarot, (Dirty & Divine and The Book of Tarot),  I painted my own deck (Cosmic Mother Tarot) and I co-created the internationally adored new deck Rebel Heart Tarot. I am frequently asked for my secrets; how to read, where to start, what cards to buy, should I be scared, how to take it all deeper?

 I have created this ultimate guide that will get you moving  with the Tarot as your divine guide. Perfect for beginners or familiar readers looking for my fun brand of unique insight! 

This detailed course addresses the very basics and takes you to  more complex issues. I have shared EVERYTHING I share with my private tarot students, and ALL that I have learned in 30 years of play and professional practice with tarot. From the basics of how to choose a deck, tarot story and how to get started, through to an introduction to every single card, and  a whole chapter of lessons devoted to getting you busy and familiar with using the cards for your personal knowledge and transformation. I have left no stone unturned and shared a complete and concise account of everything you need to know! 

This Ultimate Guide to Tarot  will have you ready and raring to start using your cards and supercharging your life! Part of my magic and work, is empowering others to the life changing power of the tarot cards - I can't wait to lead you to that place.

Sign up now and get ready to really dive deep into your tarot journey! 

Course Content

  • 1

    Everything you need to know to get started with Tarot

    • Welcome to Tarot School

    • About Alice Grist

    • Tarot School - Your Workbook

    • A Little Tarot History

    • Moving Past Fears or Anxiety About Tarot...

    • Choosing Your Tarot Deck

    • Connecting to Your Cards...

    • Emotional Reactions as Intuitive Cues.

    • Creating a Safe and Spiritual Life for Powerful Tarot Practice.

    • Power Breaths for Tarot Preparation

    • Protection Visualisation

    • Grounding Yourself After Using Tarot

    • Chapter one - fun quiz!

    • Intuition Challenge!

  • 2

    Major Arcana

    • Major Arcana

    • Exercises to explore your major cards.

    • The Fool Meditation (Bonus Content)

    • The Magician - Meditation

    • The High Priestess Meditation

    • The Empress Meditation

    • The Emperor Meditation

    • The Hierophant Meditation

    • The Lovers - Meditation

    • The Chariot - Meditation

    • Strength - Meditation

    • The Wheel of Fortune

    • Justice - Meditation

    • The Hanged Man - Meditation

    • Death - Meditation

    • Temperance - Meditation

    • The Devil - Meditation

    • The Tower - Meditation

    • The Star - Meditation

    • The Moon - Meditation

    • The Sun - Meditation

    • Judgment - Meditation

    • The World - Meditation

    • Major Arcana Part 1 Bonus Content

    • Major Arcana Part 2 Bonus Content

  • 3

    Minor Arcana - Cups

    • The Cups

    • The Cups - From the Book of Tarot

    • The Cups from Dirty & Divine

    • Cups Lesson - Bonus Content

  • 4

    Minor Arcana - Wands

    • The Wands

    • The Wands - Reading from The Book of Tarot

    • The Wands - from Dirty & Divine

    • Wands Lesson - Bonus Content

  • 5

    Minor Arcana - Swords

    • The Swords

    • The Swords - Reading from The Book of Tarot

    • The Swords from Dirty & Divine

    • Swords Lesson - Bonus Content

  • 6

    Minor Arcana - Pentacles

    • The Pentacles

    • The Pentacles - The Book of Tarot

    • Pentacles Lesson - Bonus Content

  • 7

    Your Tarot Practice.

    • Creating Sacred Space

    • Tricky Cards and Uncertainty about Meanings

    • The Healthy and Powerful Way to Read Tarot Frequently

    • Ideas for basic tarot spreads

    • Good Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards (and what not to ask)

    • Reading for other people - ethics and general guidance.

    • When to Put The Cards Down

    • Intuition Challenge!

    • Fun Quiz!

  • 8

    Let's get practical!

    • Let's read together - What does your tarot path hold for you?

    • How the cards present a story and meanings shift - Sample reading

    • Reading the story - sample reading...

    • Interpreting blockages - example readings

    • Watching the cards interact - example card pulls...

    • Card Reversals

  • 9

    Mini Meditation, Readings and Extras

    • Extras... A Tarot Reading for Your Tarot Practice

    • Sowing Seeds Meditation.

    • A free mini tarot reading and an excerpt from Dirty & Divine

    • Join my Cosmic Sisterhood for ongoing support

About the presenter

Tarot Teacher

Alice Grist

Alice is the bestselling author of several spiritual books and tarot cards, including Rebel Heart Tarot, The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living and most recently Dirty & Divine. She has painted her own deck of tarot cards, Cosmic Mother Tarot. Her work has been published internationally. Alice has been exploring and writing about alternative spirituality, all her life. The side effect of this is a desire to share, through her writing, art, personal coaching and now this, her online workshops! Her style is fun and truly accessible, like chatting with a spiritually cosmic best friend! www.alicegrist.co.uk 

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Ready to embark on a life changing journey into tarot and your own cosmic power? Get from dirty to divine with Alice Grist as she takes you through an easy to use workshop on using and connecting with the Tarot. 

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