Tarot reading is a fast track into your own intuition, divinity and cosmic empowerment. I have been reading the cards since I was 13 (I'm now 39 -shhh don't tell anyone). I have read for friends, family, strangers, celebrities and loyal clients. I wrote a book about Tarot, (Dirty & Divine) and I painted my own deck (Cosmic Mother Tarot). I am frequently asked for my secrets; how to read, where to start, what cards to buy, should I be scared, how to take it all deeper?

So I have created this 'how to' guide that will get you moving towards your most cosmic self, with the Tarot as your divine guide. Perfect for beginners or accomplished readers looking for my fun brand of unique insight! 

This workshop addresses the very basics and takes you to slightly more complex issues, such as...

Choosing Your Cards, the rituals around reading, busting the frightening myths and moving onward to reading the symbology of cards and making them work for you! Bringing magic to your practice and how to read for others. Scroll down for a full chapter list.

It also includes two free mini readings and some fun quizzes to test what you have learned!. 

Sign up now and get ready to really dive deep into your tarot journey! 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter one - Getting Started

  • 2

    Chapter two - Getting Deeper With Your Divine

    • Creating Sacred Space

    • When you struggle to connect to a card...

    • The importance of daily reading

    • Ideas for basic tarot spreads

    • Let's read together - have your cards to hand!

    • Reading for other people - three rules and general guidance.

    • How to enjoy your tarot practice (and why you should).

    • Tarot for magic

  • 3

    Mini Meditation, Readings and Extras

About the presenter

Cosmic Presenter...

Alice Grist

Alice is the bestselling author of several spiritual books, including The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living and most recently Dirty & Divine. She has painted her own deck of tarot cards, Cosmic Mother Tarot. Her work has been published internationally. Alice has been exploring and writing about alternative spirituality, all her life. The side effect of this is a desire to share, through her writing, art, personal coaching and now this, her online workshops! Her style is fun and truly accessible, like chatting with a spiritually cosmic best friend! www.alicegrist.co.uk 

What others have been saying about this course:

Ready to embark on a life changing journey into tarot and your own cosmic power? Get from dirty to divine with Alice Grist as she takes you through an easy to use workshop on using and connecting with the Tarot. 

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